Our Guided Tours

Join us on a voyage of discovery through Amsterdam and listen to the stories about this old city.


Here you can find some of our tours that lead you through old Amsterdam. Of course we can also make tailor-made tours or with a specific theme.


We can recommend the game for groups.

Walk through Midievel Amsterdam (including the red light district)


The guide will lead you through the oldest part of Amsterdam. We tell the stories of the time that Amsterdam originated, the glory of time in the 17th century and contemporary history.


We show the towers and the city gate that were part of the medieval wall around the city, traverse the world-famous Red Light District and go via the Dam square to the tranquil beguinage.




We walk through the oldest part of Amsterdam. We start at the head of the Zeedijk, walk across the Red Light District, via the Dam towards the Spui where the tour ends. The duration of this trip is about 2 hours.



€ 20, - per person with a minimum of 10 participants.

A stroll through the Jordaan


Much celebrated is this famous Amsterdam neighborhood. It is therefore logical that we start this walk at the place where the people singers are worshiped. From there we go further into the neighborhood. The Jordaan is often seen where in the past only poverty-stricken people lived, but we will let that there are also beautiful canals with beautiful buildings. Although much has been remediated in the neighborhood, there is still a lot to see and the old feeling is still felt everywhere. Besides the beautiful houses and the stories that go with it we will also visit a number of courtyards where time seems to stand still.


 We start on the Elandsgracht, continue through the Westertoren further into the Jordaan. We end at the Westerstraat, where there is an opportunity to have a drink after this trip, which will take about 2 hours.



€ 20, - per person with a minimum of 10 participants.

The breweries of Amsterdam


Amsterdam has a long brew history and now has 49 breweries. We visit a number of breweries and get a good impression of the taste of the city. We walk to 4 of these breweries and taste the specialties. On the way the guide tells the stories of the city.


 Included are a tasting at one of the breweries (small examples of several beers from the brewer) and a glass of beer at the other. A cheese platter will also be served at one of the stops.


 We start at Brouwerij 't IJ and end (walking through the world-famous Red Light District) at Brouwerij de Prael.



If necessary, a guided tour can also be arranged by one of the breweries. (This depends on the day and time of the tour and must be reserved well in advance)



v.a. € 42.50 per person with a minimum of 10 people


Minimum age to join this tour is 18 years

Vinyl in Amsterdam


Listening to music on the old-fashioned 45 rpm record is back again. There are many record stores in Amsterdam, from large stores with a general collection to small shops with a specialized offer.


We offer you a tour through Amsterdam, with the accompanying stories, including music history. From the Jordaneze smartlappen to Jazz and Rock & Roll. We stop at some of the stores where you get the time to complete your collection. If you have a special genre that you are looking for, let us know.




The founders of Inside Amsterdam Tours started collecting vinyl some time ago. With the purchase of batches of plates, we are the plates that we were about to sell. Under the name Mokum Vinyl we can be found at trade fairs and internet.




We gather at Dam Square and walk through the Jordaan. On the way the guide will tell you about the (musical) history of the city. We will visit (at least) 5 record stores and end at the Noordermarkt. The journey will last about 2.5 hours.




Of course we can tailor this tour if there are special wishes.


€ 25, - per person with a minimum of 10 participants.

Nature in Amsterdam



A bike ride to the rich nature in and around Amsterdam. We can discover the Amsterdam forest or the nature of waterland. Besides being a city guide, bird watching is a hobby of Debbie and Dennis.


There are, among others, the following options:


- We cycle from the Dam to the city and into nature through the green veins. We can take the ferry to Noord and drive to Waterland. At Durgerdam there is a hotspot of (migratory) birds, where in every year there is something special to spot.


- In the spring we can cycle from the Dam, along the Amstel river and enjoy the greenery and the outdoor houses that we encounter here. The highlight on this trip is the "Geijsel land" in Ouderkerk. Every spring, many migratory birds gather here to re-strengthen the long journey. In addition to many godwits and ducks, there are often rarities.


- From Dam Square we can also head west via the Westerpark towards Spaarnwoude and the meadows behind or to the south to the Amsterdamse Bos.



With all tours there is a possibility for a stopover where a snack and a drink can be enjoyed (not included). Also the possible rent of a bicycle is not included in the tour.


Duration of the tour is about 4 hours.


v.a. € 45, - per person for 10 people

"Meet the real Amsterdam."